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This year, we are pleased to have several high value performers who will be performing. We are pleased to introduce them, and you may further inquire about them located on the right hand.



Who We Are

Through neighborhood safety patrols, school programs designed to prevent bullying and raise gang awareness, and the award-winning CyberAngels program, The Guardian Angels has, for 30 years, helped communities around the world to be proactive in realizing the possibility of violence prevention

The Goal

To motivate teachers, parents and children to create a safer, more powerful future through our programs focused on personal safety, civic contribution, value development and cyber security. To bring violence prevention programs to schools across America for the benefit of students, families, and teachers. To serve as a resource for training teachers in violence prevention at institutions of higher learning.

The Plan

Through increased partnership with educational, business, cultural and religious institutions in our communities, we will solidify and expand our pragmatic and positive role model programs. We will expand and enhance our programs focused on personal safety, neighborhood safety, cyberspace safety and civility, with a special emphasis on overcoming social and educational adversity. In concert with our nation's schools, we will continue our groundbreaking work to develop curricula illustrating and documenting the benefits of violence prevention.



Richard S. Bustillo

Richard S. Bustillo is President and Chief instructor of the International Martial Arts and Boxing (IMB) Academy, in Torrance, California. An original student of Bruce Lee, Bustillo is a founding member of the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation.

A native of Hawaii, Bustillo had extensive childhood training in judo, boxing and kajukembo. In his late teens, he moved to California to pursue a college education, where he competed in Golden Gloves and boxing tournaments. At 24, he became a student at the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute (Bruce Lee’s school) in Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

In 1967, Bustillo began to study and research the Filipino martial arts with training partner Dan Inosanto. Today the two teachers are given credit for the revival and preservation of the Filipino arts. In addition to being recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Bustillo's martial arts résumé includes a broad array of instructor credentials.

Bustillo holds numerous instructor credentials, including Kru in Muay Thai kickboxing awarded by former Olympian and Muay Thai champion Nanfa "Chiridichoi" Satenglam. He is a Sensei in Japanese Catchascatchcan Wrestling, and trains intensively with the Machado Brothers in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Bustillo is a certified USA Olympic Training Center coach, as well as serving as an official for U.S.A. Boxing of Southern California. He is an 11th- degree black belt (grandmaster) under the Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation.

Bustillo’s many honors include membership in a variety of Halls of Fame: Black Belt Magazine, The Filipino Martial Arts, The World Martial Arts, Martial Arts History Museum, and the U.S. Martial Arts - Most Distinguished Grand Master. A former lecturer at California State University, he has the distinction of being certified as a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor by the FBI, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, and the L.A.P.D., where he consults for the Civilian Martial Arts Advisory Panel. Bustillo’s IMB Academy earned the 2006 Best Eclectic School Award from the Black Belt Industry Association.

Richard Bustillo welcomes you to his seminar and invites any questions you may have. Whether you are seeking to begin or to continue your martial arts quest, he would be pleased to discuss your experiences and your goals – and to offer for your consideration the reasons he may well be the best teacher and guide for your journey.


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