TAPOUT Performers

This year, we are pleased to have several high value performers who will be performing. We are pleased to introduce them, and you may further inquire about them located on the right hand.



The new TapouT Training Center has a 10,000 square foot facility, complete with a 24-foot octagonal cage, 24-foot “Pride” ring; striking and conditioning areas with kicking and punching bags and Hammer-strength fitness equipment. Included is a store with TapouT apparel, gear, nutritional supplementsand more. This is a first class fitness center that has been outfitted with more than a million dollars in licensing and equipment.

This is the ultimate training center in Los Angeles. A broad selection of martial arts instruction, the majority of the cardio/ fitness classes are non-contact. “The Downtown Los Angeles TapouT Training Center will have the most elite trainers, the best equipment in the industry and will bring this area of Los Angeles a whole new level of MMA training. It’s the best workout there is," “We are also offering clients an onsite tattoo parlor and will feature celebrity tattoo artists from around the country, plus a reality show based on the Training Center is currently in production. Clients will also be able to enjoy an amazing nutritional food and beverage bar.”

With the advent of the TapouT Training Centers, amateur and professional fighters will have the opportunity to train with TapouT Certified Instructors. Beyond the typical gym experience, TapouT classes involve training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kick Boxing as well as non-contact cardio and fitness. “Clients get in the cage and feel the experience that [the MMA fighters] feel." “This is far different than going to a local gym and pushing weights or getting on the treadmill. This is a unique and one of the most intense exercise routines. Classes or private sessions will be available with some of the world’s most decorated instructors. Plus, the TapouT Training Center offers children’s classes for all ages. You can’t get this anywhere else.


Below is a list of all of the 2011 USMAF participating performers


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