Daisaku Kadokawa


門川大作 京都市長メッセージ

A message from Daisaku Kadokawa, The Mayor of Kyoto, Japan


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to offer sincere congratulation on holding the United States Martial Arts Festival at Redondo Beach city, in which the representative athletes all over the world gather.

‘The martial arts’ is one of the traditional Japanese cultures which was originally came from Bushi-do, the spirit of Samurai warrior.

Kyoto, timeless scene of Japanese landscape, has cultivated precious treasures such as history, tradition, culture, since ancient times. The treasures, concretely tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy, have placed emphasis on strong spiritual backbone as a philosophy. The sprit has been fused creating craft, and then they have created its narrative and personal character, and consequently boosted local development. This harmony can be applied to the way of Bushi-do which bonds with each other around the world.

It is my great pleasure as a mayor of Kyoto City where is an essential element of Japanese culture that the United States Martial Arts Festival is held with introductions of traditional Japanese cultures such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, incense ceremony and calligraphy.


We sincerely hope that we can deepen our beautiful relationship through the United Sates Martial Arts Festival together with our Japanese heart reflected in the martial arts and other traditional Japanese cultures.


November 5th, 2011

The mayor of Kyoto City in Japan
                           門川 大作

Daisaku Kadokawa

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