Chinese Performers

This year, we are pleased to have several high value performers who will be performing. We are pleased to introduce them, and you may further inquire about them located on the right hand.


Grandmaster Xiaojun Wang

XJ (Xiaojun Wang) was born June 10, 1985 in the city of Dengfeng, China, located in the Henan province. He began training in the arts of Shaolin Kung Fu at age 8 at a school called Shao Lin Si Wushu Xulian Jidi – the school is instructed by members of the Shaolin Temple and is located next to it. Each day at the school consisted of training for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week in an environment that resembled monastic living. He trained with the school for over ten years before competing for, and winning a place in the prestigious performance group of the Shaolin Temple. Only 4 contestants are chosen to join from over 1,000 participants. He has been living in the United States and traveling world wide with the the group since March of 2006.

XJ is proficient in and has mastered the following fighting styles and weapons: tiger, snake, monkey, scorpion, mantis, staff, long sword, kwan dao, twin broadswords, three section staffs, whip chains (single and double), bull whip, spear, double hook swords, southern long-fist, tai ji quan, soft and hard qi gong, tong bei, xiao hong, da hong, chang quan, luo han quan. The hard qi gong that he has mastered allows him to do his specialty for his performances; iron body. He is capable of having wooden poles broken on arms, legs, back, stomach, groin (iron crotch), bending a spear to the throat (able to push a car with the spear on his neck), and being suspended mid-air on the top of 4 sharp spears, all without injury. He is also able to coordinate fights with any of the above styles in whatever combination.

Past credits include Deadliest Warrior (Spike TV), Fight Science (National Geographic TV); Let Me Entertain You, America’s Got Talent (NBC) and the Art of War (History Channel) as well as Heroes (NBC) and Sony. XJ has performed with the Shaolin group in Indonesia, Turkey, Qatar, and China (nation-wide), a dozen major cities in the USA and is currently performing and instructing in Los Angeles, CA.



Below is a list of all of the 2011 USMAF participating performers

Jin Wu Kung Fu
Master Xiaojun Wang

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