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This year, we are pleased to have several high value performers who will be performing. We are pleased to introduce them, and you may further inquire about them located on the right hand.



Welcome to Capoeira SouthBay. We invite you to experience the finest technique of body language. Capoeira is an exciting and authentic Brazilian Martial Art Form where attacks and defenses are mastered through ritual and rhythm. It is a rich form of dynamic physical development, improving reflexes and total body control. It connects people with the objective of play, practice, discipline and expression.

Capoeira Regional was developed by Mestre Bimba in 1928 with the objective to create a style of fight. In that time (1920’s), different styles of foreign Martial Arts were arriving in Brazil. Mestre Bimba had intuitive fighting skills and was also the son of a fighter. His father was a champion of a style of fight called Batuque, a well known fight during that time in Bahia (now extinct). Mestre Bimba trained the Old Capoeira for 10 years and taught for 4 years. With the increase of tourism in Salvador - Bahia at that time, he felt that Capoeira was becoming too folkloric loosing its strength. Mestre Bimba began to create his style of fight incorporating his knowledge of “Batuque” and his experience with Capoeira. After a lot of insistence from people who wanted to learn it, he decided to teach his creation.

The method is very simple and efficient. Following is just the format of the method to help you to get familiar with the process of learning. It is also good to say that Mestre Bimba taught Capoeira for his whole adult life (over 40 yrs). He always kept the essence of Regional, because that essence was himself. But today, we have small differences and details in the way to execute and describe the method of Capoeira Regional. That is because Mestre Bimba’s students saw and incorporated different phases of the Master. What is important is to rescue the richness of Capoeira Regional, and this goes beyond the movements or formats, and while accepting today’s different context, we must not loose the essence and understanding of Mestre Bimba. There is no way to understand Capoeira Regional without understanding Mestre Bimba because his Capoeira is the expression of himself.



Below is a list of all of the 2011 USMAF participating performers

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