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About Shin Koyamada


Shin Koyamada became an international sensation and a new Hollywood rising celebrity after his co- starring role of Nobutada, alongside Tom Cruise in Warner Bros. Pictures action epic The Last Samurai. His star power was further cemented with his starring role in the Disney Channel action-adventure original movie series Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, which was one of the top rated Disney Channel original movies ever, securing over 5.7 million viewers during its American premiere on US television. The film also received the highest rating in the history of Disney Channel Japan as well as broke records in the United Kingdom and Europe, making the Disney Channel the highest rated kids channel in Europe.

In his youth, Koyamada was a champion triathlone, Track and Field and captain of gymnast. He has trained and disciplined his body, mind and spirit from childhood to the present day with many skilled teachers to be an elite martial artist. He now holds Third Degree Black Belt in Karate and competed in National Championships in Japan, Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, First Degree Black Belt in Kung Jung Mu Sul and US Nation Championship Gold Medals in Shaolin Kung Fu, including traditional Chinese 18 classical weapons. Other martial arts systems and styles he has trained include; Kyudo (Japanese archery), Kendo (Modern Japanese Swordsmanship), Iaido (Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship), Yabusame (Archery while riding a horse) and Aikido. A finely trained athlete, he learns new physical skills quickly and easily and relishes doing his own stunts and action.

Koyamada is also the co-founder of The Shin Koyamada Foundation (SKF), a United States nonprofit organization. The SKF offers youth scholarships to foster the importance of respect, honor, courtesy, value and manner through martial arts and active participation in global environmental issues, donations and education to underprivileged individual and family and international cultural exchange projects. The mission of the SKF is to empower youth to achieve their goals and dreams and promote an Earth-friendly lifestyle. The SKF founded the annual United States Martial Arts FestivalĀ® to support and promote the martial arts styles and community for unity and peace in 2010.

Koyamada was named the International Goodwill Ambassador of Okayama Prefectural Government in Japan on February 17th, 2010. In recognition of his commitment to promoting Okayama and Japanese culture around the world, the honor of International Goodwill Ambassador was bestowed upon Koyamada by the honorable Governor of Okayama Prefecture Masahiro Ishii.

In 2010, Koyamada was cast by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Government of Japan and the Government of Okayama Prefecture to star in the 2 hours Japanese broad way stage with over 200 performers for the 25th National Cultural Festival in Okayama on October 30th, 2010. The event attendees include the Japan crown prince, the government officials and the thousands of Japanese residents. He spent a year preparing for the stage in Japan.


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